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It's the End Hunger Challenge!

According to the 2019 World Hunger Index (see graphic below), the Central African Republic is considered the hungriest country in the world. Many factors contribute to this rating including war, general economy, natural disasters, etc. Enter the "thanks for lunch"... End Hunger Challenge!

Please donate today at

At JH-CAR we are helping a lot. With over 30 children in the orphanage, nearly 450 in the school, and over 40 full time employees, we are reducing the hunger index in one community. . We are bringing food, hope, compassion to a village that is responding. We are showing Christ to a people that desperately need hope. . You can help us in this endeavor. Today, we will be featuring the lunch program all day to show you the impact it is having on this community.


It costs us $0.42 per meal per child. A $22 donation will feed 50 of those students for one day! Imagine feeding lunch to 50 kids for $22! It’s crazy! We need your help to finish out our budget for this year and think about offering this during school vacation as well.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Photos on this page were taken November 2019. These are the actual children that you are helping with your donations!

Do you need to make a year end tax-deductible donation and be confident your money will go help people in real need? There are no paid American staff at JH-CAR. Every penny you donate to JH-CAR goes directly to CAR. . Please donate today at

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