Central African Republic




See recent nationally publicized information about the dire situation for children in the Central African Republic. -->> 

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Peanut harvest is complete!

2019/2020 was the largest crop we have seen since we started the peanut fields.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Tropical Leaves
Praise in song! Enjoy from the kiddos at Jonathan's House for Orphans.

Listen to "Amazing Grace"  --->>

Tropical Leaves

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Through fundraising efforts of an Iowa family, a playground at JHO and at the primary school was built. Allowing many of these children the opportunity for the first time to "just be kids". While the school has an ages old basketball court, no play equipment has ever been available. To say that these facilities are used endlessly would be... well, accurate. :-)  Ever thought about creating a campaign with purpose in your family? Consider launching a fundraiser for new school windows, school uniforms, food for the lunch program (sponsor a whole month... how fun would that be?), the opportunities are endless. Please consider raising funds for something in CAR that resonates with you and your family... and we can help you make it happen! 

Playground 7

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Two New Sewing Machines!

In 2019 we purchased two sewing machines and we have hired a sewing instructor for the summer.  Our older children are learning to sew.  They have progressed rapidly and now they are making the school uniforms for children in need during the upcoming school year.  They are reducing our cost for school uniforms and learning a valuable skill.  Classes are being held in the old auto shop were we house the school lunch program.