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Sponsor a child’s education

Invest in a child’s education for
 just $80 per year

Jonathan’s House for Orphans in the Central African Republic (CAR) is thankful for the opportunity to operate the Eugene Rosenau Christian School, which has been named to honor the work of an early missionary to this region.  We are thankful for the educational and evangelism opportunity that the school provides.   


CAR has suffered through years of crippling violence and we believe that education is a critical part of enabling children to break from the cycle of poverty and violence so that they can realize their full potential.  We currently provide an education to over 450 students in grades one through six.  Grades one through three are in one building and grades four through six are in a neighboring building.  All of the children from the orphanage attend the Christian School, and any orphan from the nearby town can attend the school for free.  Orphans make up about half of our student roster.  School hours are from 8 am to noon, but with the recent addition of our End Hunger Challenge funds raised we are now funding a school lunch program and therefore school can be in session until 3pm each day. A huge accomplishment! Yummy meal = easier to learn than on an empty stomach.  All classes are taught in French, rather than Sango, because all higher education and government business in the country is conducted in French. 


Due to our students’ high scores on standardized achievement testing, our school is highly regarded by the government and the neighboring town as an excellent institution.Anyone wanting to sponsor a child’s education ($80 per year) or assist with a new school lunch program (aka End Hunger Challenge) in CAR can visit:

Make a Donation to Jonathan's House Central African Republic 
or contact Carter Strand at

Checks can also be made out to: 

Jonathans House CAR

and mailed to:

PO BOX 480, Wheaton, IL  60187

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