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Jonathan’s House for Orphans is a home for children that have been rescued from some of the most dangerous and desperate situations imaginable. At their new home, they have the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy Christian environment where wounds can heal, and they can have hope for a bright future. Child sponsorships make it possible for us to provide everything that our children need, including food, clothing, shelter, security, education and healthcare. The cost of a full child sponsorship is $150 per month. However, we have different sponsorship levels which you can see listed below. All sponsors will receive multiple updates a year on their sponsor-child that includes a current photo and current information.

Sponsorship Levels:

Malachite (Level 1) Sponsorship $40/mo.
This level will cover their food for the month.

Ivory (Level 2) Sponsorship $80/mo.
This level will cover their food and education for the month.

Gold (Level 3) Sponsorship $120/mo.
This level will cover their food, education, and housing.

Diamond (Level 4) Sponsorship $150/mo.
This level will covers all the above as well as their personal needs and healthcare.


The sponsorship process is a critical part of our ongoing mission.  If you have questions about sponsoring a child, please contact Donna Bixby at 

After signing up to sponsor a child, please contact Donna Bixby at

to receive information about the child you will sponsor.

Many of the photos & videos on this site were provided by Here-is-Why. Not only have they given their time to visit JHO in CAR but their talents in providing us with professional media. Check them out on facebook! 

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