Medical Center Director

Marcelin has completed four years of medical school.  He runs a very well organized clinic, which has given our medical center an excellent reputation for quality medical care.  Many of our patients walk from long distances to get to the clinic. He has been with the clinic since it was started.



Sibali is the nurse midwife. She has a 3 yr RN diploma and went to Tanzania for additional medicine training. She has been with the clinic since it was started. Her full name is Sibali Mary Theresa.


Orphanage Director

Samuel Massengue is the Orphanage Director at Jonathan’s House for Orphans, Central African Republic.  He studied English at the University of Bangui for six years before studying at the Great Commission Training Center in Democratic Republic of Congo.  He holds a Master of Arts in American Literature and Master Degree in English, as well as a Professional Master in Leadership of Mission and Church.  Samuel has a heart for evangelism.  He has a wife and child, and a heart made for caring for the Lord’s children at Jonathan’s House for Orphans. 

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