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Our Personnel

Samuel Massengue

Orphanage Director

Samuel Massengue is the Orphanage Director at Jonathan’s House for Orphans, Central African Republic.  He studied English at the University of Bangui for six years before studying at the Great Commission Training Center in Democratic Republic of Congo.  He holds a Master of Arts in American Literature and Master Degree in English, as well as a Professional Master in Leadership of Mission and Church. He has a wife and two young children and a heart made for caring for the Lord’s children at Jonathan’s House for Orphans. 

samuel lr.jpg

Dr. Mizere Dotte

Medical Center Doctor

Dr. Dotte was trained by former missionary doctors, and he has also graduated from Bible School and served as a pastor. Dr. Dotte has not been with us long, but we have seen a tremendous increase in our patient numbers since his arrival, and general growth overall. We are excited to see the clinic develop further under his leadership. Dr. Dotte and his wife come to us from Ippy, CAR, and they have 7 children.

dotte lr.jpg

Mr. Leon Bagaza

Christian School Director

Leon Bagaza is the director our the Eugene Rosenau Christian School. Leon is a retired school administrator, so he comes to use with significant experiences. He manages our 13 teachers and over 400 students from grades K5-5th grade. Mr. Bagaza is active in his local church along with his wife.

leon bagaza lr.jpg

Guy Blaise Poumale

Site Care

Guy is responsible for the JH-CAR site. He is the lead guard of 9 men, but he also manages the school lunch program, and generally keeps everything and everyone functioning when and where they are supposed to be! The guards do manage security, but they help with all the odd jobs that need doing on the property, pumping water, running errands, etc. Guy has been a guard for several years, and has just taken on a new role as Site Overseer. Guy and his wife care for his deceased brother’s three children.

poumale lr.jpg

Marceline Monguinza

"Head Mama"

“Mama Marceline” is our head Mama at the orphanage. She oversees the children, the aunties, the meals and all the things! She is widowed with grown children, and has done a fabulous job in this role this past year. Mama Benedicte seconds her, and both ladies are exceptional and play a vital role in the functioning of the orphanage. They both live in house.

marceline lr.jpg

Felicite Nguepede

Orphanage "Auntie"

Felicite serves as an “Auntie” at the orphanage. She and her husband have 3 children ranging from 15-21. Her husband works for Doctors for Africa, and both of them love the Lord and are active in church. Felicite goes above and beyond her duties and has a genuine care and compassion for the weak and needy. Watching her in action is a blessing.

felicite lr.jpg

Jeannot Yologaze

Lead Nurse

Jeannot is our lead nurse and has the unique distinction of being trained by Margery Benedict herself! Jeannot has worked as a nurse for many years, and we are glad to have him as an integral part of our clinic ministry. He and his wife have 9 children and are from the area.

jeannot lr.jpg

Sophie Mbezane


Sophie is our Pharmacist! We are happy to have a woman in this position, and that is unique in this country. Sophie has been with us since we opened the Margery Benedict Medical Center, and she does a wonderful job managing this busy department.


Sophia Tanguere


Sophia is one of our 3 mid-wives. The maternity ward stays quite busy managing pre and post-natal care as well as the deliveries. Our maternity ward is becoming more and more popular, so we are seeing more and more babies born. Sophia lives locally and she and her colleagues are always on call!

sophia lr.jpg

Jerome Malabanga


Jerome Malembeti works in our Farming and Breeding department. He takes care of our cattle which clear land for us and others which helps bring in a small amount of revenue for JH-RCA. Jerome is well loved by the children and staff of JH. His children are grown and he has a passel full of lovely grandchildren.

Jerome serves as a deacon in the local Baptist Church near the orphanage and is actively participates in leading the daily devotionals with the JH staff.

jerome lr.jpg

Nora Eguena


Nora is one of our three cooks for the school lunch program. These ladies work in a very hot kitchen (open fires) making food for over 400 kids each day. They arrive early to get the food prepped, utensils washed, etc, and start the food prep. Under her leadership every child leaves with a nutritious meal. She and her husband have 3 children.

nora eguena lr.jpg
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