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Meet Guy!

Meet Guy Blaise Poumale! Guy serves as our site care coordinator, working hard to make sure that life at Jonathan’s House continues to run smoothly. Guy works closely with the staff, children, and community, and does so with an incredibly humble attitude. We look forward to you getting to know him!

How did you hear about Jonathan’s House?

I heard about Jonathan’s House when it first opened in 2012. I came and applied in 2017 and was hired Nov. 4, 2017. I applied because it was a Christian organization, and it was an NGO (non-governmental organization) that was here to help children, and that is where my heart is.

Why Jonathan’s House?

I came here to be with the children who didn’t have parents, so being amongst them in a Christian environment blesses me daily. Every day we pray before starting work, we encourage the children to follow after God and learn and do something with their lives. The thing that makes me the happiest is that as a Christian, I can work for a Christian organization that is helping children.

How has Jonathan’s House helped you personally?

For me, Jonathan’s House has helped me in our daily prayer meetings. There are times when I share the devotional, and that has brought me growth in my personal spiritual life. The prayer times are times of great growth spiritually for me. Jonathan’s House has also helped me be able to take in some children who are my brother’s and help pay their medical expenses at the clinic here at Jonathan’s House. The money has helped me pay for their schooling and clothing also. I currently have 10 children in my home that are benefitting from Jonathan’s House through my salary.

Favorite Food: I like a lot of vegetables.

Favorite Sport: I love soccer and volleyball.

Something You Are Afraid Of: I think I would be most afraid to encounter an elephant because they are so big.

Goals for the Future: My greatest desire for 2021 is to finish building my house so that I can better help other people.

Something People Should Know About You: If there were one thing I would want people to know about me is that I am a Christian, and I desire to follow God.

What is the Best Thing About Jonathan’s House?

I think the best thing JH does is to meet the needs of orphans. Secondly, I think that Jonathan’s House has really helped our town by employing so many people. The benefits go way beyond just the orphans in the orphanage, but it helps a lot of people take care of their own children.

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