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Our children... learn about them!

Greetings! Many times we talk about the goals we have at Jonathan's House for Orphans. We talk about the efforts being made to help enhance the lives of those children and staff that we have grown to love in the Central African Republic. Fundraising is being done for the school and its staff as well as free orphan tuition. A school lunch program that would give all the children of the village at least one meal a day while at school, even if there is no food at home... and oh, the luxury of learning! We raised money for a microscope and funds to renovate the medical center near JHO (it was all but demolished by rebel activity) and now we are delivering babies to mothers needing care. The children saw their first ever playground through the efforts of a local Iowa family that raised money through a marathon run in Boston. We've bought cows and chickens and medical care, raised funds for worm medicine for their bodies and medicine for their souls with bibles being purchased. But who are "they"?

We'd love for you to start meeting and getting to know the children a bit more... here are the first two:


This is Milene! She is soft spoken and kind. She loves to play with her friends at JHO and can be seen doing hair, nails or jumping rope.


This is Rodrigue! He is a joy to be around (look at that smile!) and loves playing the memory game or coloring pictures with his friends.

As always, thank you for your support of our children. They are growing and thriving because they know they are loved by others. You all are a part of that, whether it is prayer contributions or financial contributions. They say "it takes a village..." and we are happy you are a part of ours!

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