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Jonathan's House for Orphans 

Jonathan’s House for Orphans in the Central African Republic (CAR) is a mission comprised of ordinary volunteers who give their time, talents, and resources to change the lives of children. The mission was established under the guidance of Carter Strand, a regular guy from Marshalltown, Iowa and opened in late 2012 with the arrival of the first child. Soon after this mission began operating in CAR, the country spiraled into chaos during a violent war. Many of the children who now live at the orphanage have lost family members in the war and suffered through dangerous and desperate conditions. Fortunately, they are finding hope as they come to know their Savior while living in their new home. Jonathan’s House also operates a Christian School which educates over 300 children in grades one through six, as well as a medical center. Evangelism is a major focus through “The Jesus Film” and church planting. The needs in this area of the world are nearly overwhelming, but saving lives and seeing hope in the eyes of these children provides inspiration for those who serve and support this mission.

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The walk down to the school house from JHO is a short one... and one that the children cherish and look forward to every day. It is a privilege to get an education. Please consider donating to our latest mission: to feed all the children at school lunch so that we can have full days of school instead of our current 1/2 day! Super exciting!