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Our Jonathan's House Story

We had the privilege of traveling to CAR in March of 2017 and while we were there, we met some amazing kids. We decided to move forward and start the adoption process with two boy

s shortly after arriving back in the States. Though this has been an ongoing and lengthy process; one thing we are sure about is they are being well taken care of while they are in CAR. From Samuel to all the nannies at the house to the teachers at the school, we know they are being fed physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.

We got to see firsthand the school all the children at the orphanage attend as well as many other children from the community. While they are at school, learning and growing, they not only receive a Christian education, but they are now also receiving a daily lunch. This is no small feat for a school of over 450+ students! My husband had the pleasure of traveling back to CAR in November of 2019 and got to see this firsthand. I was blown away with his stories and photos from the school lunch program. It truly is a sight to see!

Jonathan's House was also in the beginning stages of opening a medical clinic in the village and is currently serving the physical needs of so many in their community and doing it all with loving, caring, Godly hearts.

The needs in CAR are great, but Jonathan’s House is filling in the gaps for so many that otherwise would not be afforded these amazing opportunities and care. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with how many needs there are. But then I remember God knows all their needs and He has placed us in the path of supporting and advocating for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. I hope you will consider joining in the mission of supporting and advocating with me!

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