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Summer Updates, oh my!

It's been a busy summer at Jonathan's House for Orphans (JHO). We have spent much time improving the facilities, training the children in sewing uniforms, planting/harvesting, caring for children, taking in new orphans in despearate need of care and preparing for the upcoming school year.

Peanuts: Praise God for a wonderful crop of peanuts this year! This is the largest harvest that we have had since planting the gardens. The peanuts can be ground up and used in many of the dishes the children eat. It's a nutrient dense source for meals.

Peanuts for storing for the year's meals.

School Lunch Program: As we kick off fundraising for the next year's school lunch program, we are excited for the bounty of peanuts to be stored for use as well. Please stay tuned on facebook and the JHO website, for some fundraising efforts around the School lunch program. We need you, the program needs you, the kids' hungry tummies need you!


Sewing: Machines have been donated and children have been trained. We are now able to make our own school uniforms. Training valuable skills for the future to our children and also supplying where there is a need. It is a wonderful feeling for all that have been involved in getting this project off the ground. Here are some photos of our proud "sewing masters". :-)

Child Update: We also wanted to let you know that our newest member Rebecca. We told you about her last month, and she is doing so well! With some care, 'lil mam's in the JHO kiddos, love from staff and kids as well as healthy plumpynut, she has become able to walk again. Yay, Rebecca! We are all cheering for you. Praise God for healing.

Happenings: We have some exciting things on the horizon for September... we'll see you then!

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