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A gift for everyone on your list!

Alternative Gift Fair = The opportunity to donate to specific causes in CAR, as an alternative to the standard gift option for your loved ones this year.

As an alternative to buying gifts for those in your life that have everything already, why not select a gift from our list of options? These donations go toward the JHO children and programs surrounding Jonathan's House for Orphans in Central African Republic this Christmas. Here are some options:

$9.00 - Bible for Christian School Student

$10.00 - Feed Nutritious Lunch for 20 Students at the Christian School

$15.00 - Jonathan's House for Orphans Home Repair

$25.00 - Feed Nutritious Lunch- 50 Students at Christian School

$35.00 - PlumpyNut for a Malnourished Child

$50.00 - Sponsor an Orphan to attend Christian School for 1 yr

$54.00 - Feed All the Orphans at Jonathans House for One Day

$55.00 - Clothing & Shoes for a New Child at Orphanage

$60.00 - School Desks

$100.00 - Contribution to a Child's Emergency Medical Rescue

$120.00 - Worms Prevention Medicine for 120 Children

$120.00 - Employ a Teacher at the Christian School for a Month

$200.00 - Feed all 400+ Students at Christian School for One Day

God Bless you this holiday season and a sincere "Thank You" for giving the gift of love to our children and staff.

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