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#GivingTuesday...not just for Tuesdays in November anymore!

#GivingTuesday - Today was an opportunity for those with giving in their hearts to contribute easily online. What an amazing movement! Many people have a cause, and that is a beautiful thing. The concept that many lives half a world away count on thoughtful giving every day of the year and not on just Giving Tuesday is humbling. What if, we decided that every Tuesday of the year we gave back? What if sweet little faces got fed every day of the year? What if children felt safe? Orphans were adopted? Lives were rebuilt? What if Christ was the center of it all? What if? That's the kind of world that embraces Giving Tuesday every day of the week. Come be a part of the movement....

Here is what our cause looks like:

1. In the face of a child, rescued from abandonment that could not survive on her own. Manuela thanks you for your donation. JHO will keep her safe and healthy through your donations.

2. 500+ full bellies at lunch time. Teachers working full days and several staff hired to manage the lunch program. It's big. It's bright. And it's a beautiful thing for hundreds of children who may only get this one meal a day.

3. In the joy that the children have in the simple task of washing their hands before a meal. Just that one meal a day that they may possibly not have without the program that began in 2017 by Jonathans House for Orphans (JHO) at the local school.

Thank you to all that have given. We value you. You are making a difference. We are saving lives. And we are all in it together. We are honored to be your #GivingTuesday partner!

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