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Full Tummies = Priceless

400+ = the number of students now attending school due in part to the offering of lunch

$200 = the cost per day to feed lunch to all of the students

3 = number of CAR citizens employed to cook the lunch program

1 = the length of day teachers now get paid to teach, because children can stay the full day now that lunch is provided.

The ability to learn because your tummy isn't hungry = Priceless.

The fundraising continues for the children at the Eugene Rosenau school that is run by Jonathan's House for Orphans. Please consider donating to this very valuable program. We have a long way to go, but with everyone's love and prayer, we can get there! Consider donating for a day in honor of someone's birthday, anniversary or in memory of someone that you cherish. What a beautiful way to give back to those in need in an amazing way!

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