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We’re not done yet...

Hello Friends of Jonathan’s House for Orphans,

Since we began this journey to rescue children in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2011, it’s been an amazing experience. Every now and then, someone will ask me, “Why are you involved with all of this?” They usually justify the question with an explanation that we won’t be able to rescue every child, nor will we be able to solve the larger problems in CAR that create the needs for child rescue. They are correct. We can’t solve all of the problems that we encounter. And we haven’t rescued every child. Not yet, anyway. But we’re not done yet

So here’s my answer. We’ve been given the opportunity and the resources to make a difference, and for the children that we impact, it makes a WORLD of difference. Can you think of a person who has had a major positive impact in your own life? How would your life be different if that person hadn’t made the effort to help you? At Jonathan’s House, we can be that positive influence to orphans in need of rescue, to more than 450 children at the Christian School, and to thousands of people served by our medical clinic. In my lifetime, I’ve never had another opportunity have such a positive impact on so many lives that have nowhere else to turn for help. I’m the one who needs to be thankful, just for the opportunity to be a part of this mission.

Maybe a better question would be “Why wouldn’t I want to do this?” I can’t think of a reason.

children eating lunch
group photo of children

Anytime you’d like to help, just visit for online donations, or send support to:

Acts 2 Collective

6095 NE Industry Dr.

Des Moines, IA 50313

Please include “CAR” in the subject line of checks. If you have questions about anything to do with Jonathan’s House, you can always reach me at or (641)751-7765. Remember to visit our website and like our Facebook page to get updates on the latest news.

Thanks to Dr. Marty Hove and hundreds of you, we’re going to have a playground at the school! Dr. Hove ran the Boston Marathon on April 16 to raise money for the playground, and we exceeded our goal of $10,000. WOW. Dr. Hove’s commitment to run 26 miles for children is a great example of a man using the talent that the Lord has given him for a great cause. Thank you, Dr. Hove!

For everyone’s support that makes this possible, THANK YOU. In the lives of children that you may never meet face to face, you are making a world of difference. Please continue in prayer for the safety of our children and staff. As I write this letter, the security situation in CAR is headed in the wrong direction. CAR and our children need peace and stability.


Carter Strand


Some recent developments include:

  • A partnership with Vitamin Angels allowed us to distribute Vitamin A, prenatal vitamins, and Albenedole tohundreds of people in the nearby village. Albendazole is an anti-worm medication that prevents newly hatchedlarvae from growing or multiplying in the human body. Vitamin A is important for vision, the immune system,and reproduction. Our cooperative effort with Vitamin Angels focuses on pregnant and nursing mothers andtheir children.

  • A partnership with Kingsway Charities allowed us to deliver 200 pounds of medicine and medical supplies to ourmedical clinic. The donation from Kingsway Charities has expanded the capabilities of the clinic and had a greatimpact on the families that depend upon us for their medical care.

  • The school lunch program continues to be a tremendous success. Our school director has reported a majorimprovement in the appearance, health, and academic achievement of our school children. In addition to a biglunch meal, every child receives a multivitamin every day. Our teachers accompany their students to the luncharea, and they also appreciate the lunch and daily multivitamin.

  • We placed our first order for playground equipment this week. The equipment will be manufactured in CAR tohelp provide valuable jobs in an area that has suffered greatly from a lack of economic activity. If things go well,my next update letter should include photos of happy children on a beautiful playground.

  • Our eleventh successful adoption was recently completed. The photo below shows mother and daughtertogether in Cameroon as they wait for a flight home.

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