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School Lunch Program... check!

As we bring in a new year, we are also well into our new lunch program at the school. What a beautiful thing to be able to provide, sometimes the only meal these children will receive that day. 447 children now enrolled in the school and the lunch program is part of that influx of students this year. Yay!

Also, we've been able to provide a daily vitamin with the meal. A simple thing that will improve the lives of the children in school greatly. No hungry tummies = better learning, stronger confidence and more education. Thank you to all that have supported and continue to support this valuable program. We felt it may be ambitious to feed this many children, but you all made it happen. Also the opportunity to provide jobs for a few cooks and extended paid hours to the teachers for full day of school are some of the advantages of this program. Education is a way to minister to the children as well and we think that's a definite win/win situation as we follow in Jesus' teaching footsteps of teaching the good news.

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