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Alternative Gift Fair - Pay Love Forward This Christmas

Alternative Gift Fair. Definition: The PERFECT gift for those people in your life that already have everything they need this holiday season. This gift will truly change lives!



The year was 2011. To quote a movie that was filmed in our favorite state of Iowa, "If you build it, they will come!". We have big goals. So the orphanage was built. And the children were rescued. And then the school was opened and children enrolled for a much sought after education. And then the medical center was put back together and the sick received aid. And then a lunch program at school was implemented and they enrolled by the hundreds and had at least one meal a day. We have big goals and God willing, we will continue to help those that cannot help themselves. But the needs are many and money is continually needed to grow these programs.

The holidays are the perfect time to think about donating to a cause that will truly change lives and also to take a step back and be reminded of the true gift of Christmas, our Savior. Most of us have everything we need and more. We aren't worried about where our next meal will come from or if we can find a doctor for our children. To whom much is given, much is expected. (Luke 12:48). Please consider providing your loved ones with an "Alternative Gift" this year for the holidays. A gift of food for the orphanage for the day, the salary of a teacher for a month or worm prevention medicine for hundreds of children with sick tummies. Instead of an apple, why not get your school teachers the gift of feeding 20 students a lunch for the day in CAR? Wow! There are so many options for your family to start a new tradition of giving, continue an old tradition of giving to our king, or just to pay love forward this Christmas. Following are some of our current needs and a link to donate if you feel like blessing the children, staff and programs at Jonathan's House for Orphans in the Central African Republic this Christmas:

* $9 - Bible for a Christian School student.

* $10 - Feed a nutritious lunch to 20 students at the Christian School

* $15 - Jonathans House for Orphans Home Repair

* $25 - Feed a nutritious lunch to 50 students at the Christian School

* $35 - PlumpyNut for a malnourished child.

* $50 - Sponsor an orphan to attend the Christian School for one year

* $54 – Feed all the orphans at Jonathans House for a Day

* $55 - Clothing & Shoes for new child at orphanage

* $60 - School desks

* $100 - Contribution to a child’s emergency medical resue

* $120 - Worms Prevention Medicine for 250 children

* $120 - Employ a teacher at the Christian School for a month

* $201 - Feed lunch all 402 students at the Christian School for a day

* $**** - Give toward the greatest need


Thank you for taking the opportunity to "pay love forward" and bless JHO with your gifts. You are truly changing lives in the Central African Republic this Christmas. Please be sure you enter your correct address so that we can be sure to send you a card made in CAR that you can put under the tree representing your Alternative Gift to your loved one!

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