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Central African Republic - Today there are over 30 children in the orphanage. While the rebel threat is ever-present, evacuation plans are in place, and past and current trauma is very real for these children who have lost parents to war and sickness; the children are going to school, jumping rope and surviving together with the help of the loving African staff at Jonathan's House for Orphans (JHO).

JHO is a shining light of hope and love in this country as the children are now able to: go to school, learn about Jesus, have the opportunity to visit the newly established medical clinic in the village if they are ill. Some of the children will be arriving in the United States this summer to live with their next forever family, having lost their first forever family to war, disease and the elements of a war torn country. Supporters of JHO have made all of these things happen. People willing to give their time, money, talents, and home to people that have no hope elsewhere. Sound like something that would fulfill a part of your life that may be lacking? We think so too...

Who are these people? What is a day in the life of an orphan child in a war torn country like? What is the school teaching them? Where do they sleep and what illnesses have taken their families from them? Why is there still a war there and what are they fighting for? All questions that we may or many not be able to answer, but we'd like to try!

Do you want to know more? This beautiful video tells you about the start of something amazing in small-town rural Iowa. How a little bit of faith, (or a lot of faith!) and a little bit of effort has grown a movement of awareness and aid. It's a story of how the orphans of the Central African Republic touch your life and you don't want to let go. It's why we are here after all anyway isn't it? To help one another in need and be a village together... even half way around the world. (video credit:

Want to Adopt? We have more info for you!

Want to donate as little as $5? We have more info for you!

Want to do a mission trip? We have more info for you!

Want to give your time/talent? We have more info for you!

Want to sponsor a child and potentially meet that child some day on a mission trip to Africa? We have more info for you!

A trip is leaving soon if you have an immediate interest to experience JHO in person. Please contact us immediately for more info.

** Contact info is above or leave a message and we'll get you connected with someone that will take your inquiry and help you to better understand and be a part of something truly amazing.**

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