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See the very latest information about the dire situation for children in the Central African Republic. 

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Sacre Coeur

This is the largest crop we have seen since we started the peanut fields.

The walk down to the school house from JHO is a short one... and one that the children cherish and look forward to every day. It is a privilege to get an education. Please consider donating to our latest mission: to feed all the children at school lunch so that we can have full days of school instead of our current 1/2 day! Super exciting!

The children's new playground!

Two New Sewing Machines!

We recently purchased two sewing machines and we have hired a sewing instructor for the summer.  Our older children are learning to sew.  They have progressed rapidly and now they are making the school uniforms for the 2019-2020 school year.  They are reducing our cost for school uniforms and learning a valuable skill.  Classes are being held in the old auto shop were we have the school lunch program. 

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Thank you to Abbey Robertson Real Estate for helping to provide daily vitamins for every child in our Christian School